The native basketry of the American Southwest and California is among the finest in the world. Tribes living in Arizona, Nevada and California used the native plants and grasses of their homelands to create a myriad of intricately woven shapes and designs, both for trade and for personal use. The baskets you see here are all fine examples of one of the most ancient American arts, and their beauty and variety reflects the skill and creativity of the women who made them. We are especially fortunate to be able to present examples of Eskimo basketry from the Schiffman collection, all made from walrus ivory and baleen.

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Eskimo baleen basket with a walrus ivory finial in the form of a rearing polar bear, c. 1960s. Unusual double-waisted form with blond accents. 5 1/8" high, 4" diameter. $1200 (BS JO/3522) Inquire/Order Eskimo baleen basket with a walrus ivory finial in the form of a pair of seals, c. 1970s. Made and signed by Eunice Hank, one of the best-known baleen basketry artists. 2 1/2" high, 4 1/4" diameter. $995 (BS JO/3517) Inquire/Order Eskimo baleen basket with a walrus ivory finial in the form of a polar bear head, c. 1970s. Outstanding and regular weave, with lighter baleen used to create vertical lines of wefts. 4 1/8" high, 6" diameter. $1595 (BS JO/3513) Inquire/Order

A very nice and large Pit River (Achumawi) twined basketry bowl, c. 1900-1920. Very good condition, with a wonderful design executed in unpeeled redbud shoots. 9" diameter, 5 1/2" high. SOLD (BS 2116) Inquire/Order Wonderful Apache olla with humans, dogs and wickieup structures, c. 1900-1920. 10" high, excellent condition. $on request (BS RN/1)Inquire/Order Pima basketry bowl, c. 1920. 8" high, excellent condition. $995 (BS RN/2)Inquire/Order

Unusual Yokuts basketry goblet, c. 1920. 4 1/4"" high, excellent condition. SOLD (BS RN/3) Inquire/Order Hupa or Yurok basketry hat with quill decoration, c. 1920-30. Excellent condition. 7" x 3". SOLD (BS Hat)Inquire/Order Outstanding Penobscot or Passamaquoddy wood splint trunk with swabbed wefts, c. 1850. Excellent condition, with intact lid and almost no damage. 19" x 14" x 13". SOLD (BS 2107) Inquire/Order
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