Eastern Beadwork

Some of the finest and most beautiful American beadwork was done by the Woodlands Indians of New York, New England and Canada in the years before 1880. Using some of the smallest beads available, these painstakingly created pieces are filled with lovely designs and images. The bags, moccasins and hats here are some of the finest pieces available. The bags often have different designs on each side, so please call or email with any questions.

For those interested in learning more about Eastern Woodlands beadwork, we currently stock the book TRADING IDENTITIES by Ruth Phillips ($40). There is also a fine website detailing the exhibit of the Biron collection at several Eastern museums, which can be accessed here. It is a fine website with excellent early examples of Woodlands beaded items.

Currently in stock ...

Iroquois beaded bag, c. 1830s. Lacy geometric beadwork, with delicate double-curve designs in the center. Excellent condition. 5 7/8" x 5 3/4". $2200 (BD TW/62) Inquire/Order Lovely and early Iroquois folding beaded sewing kit, c. 1880. Very Victorian in style, but with touches typical of Iroquois work of that era. Note the lovely flower basket done in crystal and pearlescent beads. Very good condition. 4 1/2" x 3 1/8" folded. $295 (BD 2540) Inquire/Order Iroquois beaded bag, c. 1835-45. Lovely lavender, blue, white and green color scheme. 6" x 6". $1500 (BD 2301) Inquire/Order

A great old Iroquois beaded bag, c. 1840. Very large size, with classic geometric beadwork in tiny seed beads. Very good condition (edges have been re-silked). 7 1/4" x 7 3/4". SOLD (BD 2519) Inquire/Order Wonderful Iroquois beaded smoking cap, "KLONDIKE SOUVENIR 1903". Proof that Iroquois beadworkers traveled great distances to sell their wares. Excellent condition. 8 1/2" diameter. $495 (BD TW/79) Inquire/Order Lovely Iroquois beaded bag, c. 1860s. Excellent condition, and a marvelously vibrant color scheme. 5 3/4" x 4 7/8". $1095 (BD 2566) Inquire/Order

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