Other Indian Items

These are outstanding pieces that do not fit easily into any of the other categories on our site, but illustrate the variety and diversity that exists in antique Indian art.

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Zuni painted wooden tablita in the form of a Knifewing God, c. 1920s. Wooden Knifewing figures were used in Zuni house shrines (one was photographed by Edward Curtis in 1903) and in ceremonial occasions. This one was clearly used as a woman's tablita in a dance, and like many tablitas was given away or sold after it has served its purpose. A wonderful piece of folk art, painted on both sides. 15" x 20". $1295 (WD KNIFEWING) Inquire/Order Fantastic set of 3 Navajo carved stone horses, c. 1850-1880. Most likely by the same hand, and a wonderful and rare set of fetishes made for personal use rather than for sale. 2 1/2", 1 7/8" and 1 1/2" long. $2400/set (FT 1275) Inquire/Order Cast bronze by Allan Houser, c. 1992. "The Ram", #13 of 40. A wonderful and rare small example of Houser's artistic genius. 2 3/4" x 1 1/2". SOLD (M MH/1) Inquire/Order

"The Last Tango in Santa Fe", 1988 acrylic on paper painting by well-known Maidu artist Harry Fonseca (1946-2006). 30 1/2" x 23" framed. $2900 (PP FONSECA) Inquire/ Inquire/Order Fantastic Navajo child's dress, c. 1930-45. A wonderful little skirt with a paisley waistband, along with a matching velvet blouse. The green cuffs are a nice touch, and we have not seen another with a pocket. The most striking detail is the green velvet crosses with added silver ornaments. All in all, a real showstopper. Out of the Wegman collection. SOLD (BD TW/17) Inquire/Order Greenland Eskimo doll, c. 1920. A wonderful carved wooden mother in winter outfit, complete with baby on her back. Excellent condition. 17" high. $995 (DL 224) Inquire/Order



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