The textiles of the Navajo and Pueblo people are unmatched in the world for their quality and variety. The colors, designs and materials of weaving in the Southwest trace the history of the region, and each weaving is a powerful statement on the culture behind its creation. Most of the pieces here are from the Germantown, Transitional and Early Regional period, when the Navajo rug took its familiar form. We especially favor interesting Navajo pictorial weavings, both rugs and blankets.

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Navajo double saddle blanket, c. 1910. An early Red Mesa piece, with vibrant colors and wonderful detail. All handspun wools. Very good condition (minor restoration). 32" x 49". SOLD (TX DD/01) Inquire/Order Absolutely stunning Navajo blanket, c. 1880. Made with Germantown yarns, but with a red background of raveled flannel. A rare and beautiful piece, in excellent condition. 4'6" x 3'1". $on request (TX TD/03) Inquire/Order Large and beautiful Navajo Teec Nos Pos weaving, c. 1930. Very good condition. Unusual color pattern for a Teec. 7' x 5'. $on request (TX 3130) Inquire/Order

Navajo Third Phase Chief's Blanket with Red Mesa-style stepped diamonds, c. 1900-15. Wonderfully graphic, with a good weave and strong colors. All handspun wools, and in very good condition. 67" x 54". $on request (TX TD/11) Inquire/Order Navajo Two Grey Hills rug of very unusual design, c 1930s. One of the few we have seen with a double interior border, and the interior pattern is quite unusual. Very good weave (46 wefts per inch, 12 warps per inch) and excellent condition. 3'5" x 5'5". $4500 (TX 3141) Inquire/Order Very rare Hopi manta in a child's size, c. 1875-1885. Beautiful contrast between the indigo-dyed blue of the ends and the natural browns of the center. Woven in diamond twill on the ends and diagonal twill in the center. As good an old Hopi manta as we have seen. Very good condition, with a few old repairs. 36" x 33". SOLD (TX TD/MANTA) Inquire/Order

Navajo pictorial Germantown weaving, c. 1905. Not only is it pictorial, but it also contains salt and pepper Germantown yarn. Excellent condition. 23" x 35". $2200 (TX 3138) Inquire/Order Navajo double saddle blanket, c. 1950s. Handspun yarns, with commercial yarns in the Vallero stars. Excellent condition. 31" x 51". SOLD (TX 3133) Inquire/Order Navajo Klagetoh rug with a storm pattern design and a rug-within-a-rug, c. 1930. Excellent condition. 6'3" x 3'5". SOLD (TX 3109) Inquire/Order

Navajo double saddle blanket, c. 1940s. Woven in a herringbone twill pattern from handspun wools. Very good condition. 49" x 29". $350 (TX 3143) Inquire/Order The "Love Me Jove Me" Navajo pictorial weaving, illustrated on page 117 of NAVAJO PICTORIAL WEAVING 1880-1950 by Campbell and Kopp. 5'6" x 3'2". All handspun yarns. One of the most charming Navajo pictorial weavings known, and in very good condition. SOLD (TX LOVE ME) Inquire/Order Navajo single saddle blanket with warp fringe, c. 1925. A very desirable Teec Nos Pos pattern, in very good condition. 28" x 43". SOLD (TX 3119) Inquire/Order



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