Wood & Quillwork

Woodcarving has been an American Indian art form for centuries, and the best pieces have a beauty that belies their humble everyday use. Very few of these items were made for sale, and nearly every piece saw use in the everyday life of its creator. Quillwork, the use of dyed porcupine quills or moosehair to decorate clothing or basketry, is another traditional Indian art.

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An extremely rare MicMac quilled tray, c. 1860. The only one of its type we have ever seen for sale. Comprised of 9 separate birchbark panels, covered with dyed quills and sewn together. Excellent condition. 9 1/2" wide. SOLD (BS 2115) Inquire/Order MicMac quilled box, c. 1870s. Good design, and an uncommon example with quillwork along the sides as well as on the top. Very good condition. 5 3/8" diameter, 4"high. SOLD (WD 1110) Inquire/Order Great Iroquois elm burl bowl, c. 1800-25. An extraordinarily old and large example, with age cracks consistent with its age and wonderful figuring in the burl. 14 1/2" x 6 1/2". SOLD (WD 1109) Inquire/Order


Huron carved and painted wooden cradle, c. 1930-45. A doll-sized model cradle, with wonderful playing card designs carved and painted into the wood. Complete with tacked bentwood face shield. 11 3/4" high. SOLD (WD 1112) Inquire/Order A rare and incredibly sweet Huron birchbark tray with gorgeous moosehair embroidery, c. 1850-70. Intact moosehair pieces are quite rare, and this is an unusual form done in a beautiful design. Excellent condition. 4 3/4" x 4". SOLD (BS 2118) Inquire/Order Contemporary inlaid wooden box by Laguna artist Stanton Lance. Lovely butterfly design, with a flower inlaid on one side. 4 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 2 1/2". $195 (LANCE/1) Inquire/Order
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